Friday, 24 February 2012

Course Selection is on!

The Counselling Department has just completed a week of course selections. We had a successful parent information night on February 15th, and then grade assemblies over the past couple of days with our Grade 8-11 students.

Beginning next week, the counsellors will be working with the students on inputting their courses into the computer. All students handed in one form after the assemblies, and took one home with them.

If your child would like to make changes to the selections they have made, please get them to hand in this new form to their teacher (Period 1 for Grades 8 and 9; and Period 4 for Grades 10 and 11). 
In hopes of improving our communication with parents and students, the Counselling Department has also set up a Twitter account to provide the most pertinent information throughout the year. You can find us at @SHSCounselling. We will be providing updates to parents and students about upcoming events, dates, annoucements and deadlines. Please connect with us and build our community of followers.
For course selection we have set up a hash tag #SHSelect for people to ask any question regarding choosing courses for next year. Since many parents/students have similar questions, we are hoping that this will be a way to reach as many people as possible.

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